Rules Facebook Group „Produkt Tester“

1. Basic rules of our group
The products to be tested must comply with the legal regulations in Europe. (even if it is through a sales platform)

Members who are registered for less than 1 month will not be accepted by us.

Members who break the rules more often will be admonished by us and removed if they are repeated.

With the confirmed membership, the group rules are accepted.

2. The group language is German
Posts and comments will only be published in German.

If a creator of a contribution or comment obviously does not speak German (name, country of the profile), English is also possible.

If the author of a contribution / commentary is fluent in the German language (according to profile) and it is written in English, the German translation must also be added.

Posts from a German-speaking profile in English will be deleted without comment.

If you have a post or comment by an English-speaking author, communication via the Facebook message system is the choice.

3. Only product test advertising is allowed.
Posts with a purely advertising character are not welcome. Exceptions can be approved by an administrator.

Blog posts, YouTube videos, Instagram stories for product tests and inquiries for product tests are expressly welcome.

Advertisements for financial services of any kind (crypto, loans, loans, get rich quickly) are prohibited. – THROW!

Advertising for distribution systems and MLM are prohibited. – THROW!

Advertising for other groups and chats (e.g. Whatsapp) is prohibited. – THROW!

4. Discussion yes, insults no
Discussions are good. In product tests in particular, there can always be different opinions about a product. However, comments or posts that are offensive and that violate common decency will be deleted.

Denunciations are not carried out in the open group. (This applies especially to statements „does not pay“. This applies especially to non-group members.

If problems arise in communication or the payment process, this must first be reported to the admin team. This should above all be demonstrated with screenshots.

If fraudulent intentions emerge, this group member is removed.

5. Self-promotion for third-party contributions is undesirable

No advertising will be made with contributions from others.

This particularly concerns „agents“ looking for a client under a post. If an agent wants to contact a company, this must be done via messenger.

Advertising posts in other posts will be deleted without comment.

6. Requests for ratings/reviews will be deleted

Inquiries for general ratings and 5-star inquiries are prohibited and will be deleted immediately. (Requests for 5 star ratings for money are not openly allowed in FB. We will delete them.)

7. Communication only via the messenger

The communication of offers should only take place via the message system.

An indication of an upcoming communication can be made by message under the post.

8. Spam-Rules

Posts with the same content may only be posted once every 24 hours. This also applies if 2 people send the identical contribution.

9. Format Rules
1 Product per article

Only one product is allowed per entry. Format: article name, image

Item name

More information only via messenger.

All products have to be categorized.

How do we define a product tester

We define a product tester that he tests a product honestly and without reservations and posts his honest opinion in a review or on a blog, YT or Instagram post.

We also know what a company expects when it issues a product test – and then waves a „free“ product. However, a product test helps other consumers to correctly assess a product for its meaning and benefit. If a product does not meet the expectations, you can also say and write this. (Distance Selling Act – 14 days return – money back)

A „worse“ rating can also be advantageous for a company. Because you can work on and improve the product. You get the free product by checking one product for others and making a recommendation. This should be kept in mind with every review and product test.

Ultimately, the product tester is committed to himself and his conscience.



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